Skills to pay the bills


CSS (SCSS, LESS, Stylus), HTML (Pug), JavaScript (ES5+, Flow, TypeScript), Node

Frameworks & Libraries

Angular 2, Bootstrap, Express, Foundation, jQuery, Knockout, Nuxt, React, Redux, Vue, Vuex


  • General Atom, Electron, Git, Photoshop, ZSH
  • Testing Chai, Jest, Karma, Mocha, Sinon, QUnit
  • Workflow Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Neutrino, Webpack, Yarn

Major Projects built bit by bit

Employer Year Project
Guaranteed Rate 2017 Affinity
2016 Intuitive Loan Finder
Amazon 2014 Fire Phone: First Run Experience
Prime Music launch
Prime Instant Video launch, DE/UK
SteelSeries 2013 SteelSeries Engine 3
Emmi Solutions 2012 ViewEmmi

Experience been there, done that

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Web Engineer
9/17 - Current
React, Redux, Node, Flow, SCSS, Mocha
  • Implementing features in Trov's web client to keep parity with Android and iOS apps
  • Developing internal data-managment tools
Software Engineer
1/16 - 9/17
ClojureScript, re-frame, jQuery, Bootstrap, SCSS, Aurelia, Stylus, Pug
  • Architected and developed the front-end of multiple consumer-facing online mortgage applications
  • Collaborated with team members to define and implement responsive designs/UX
  • Researched frameworks and technologies for green-field projects
  • Maintained legacy .Net web app and static marketing content
Software Engineer
2/15 - 1/16
jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout, Pug, LESS, IO.js, Koa, PostgreSQL
  • Developed internal applications to improve facility and employee performance.
  • Developed applicaitons to monitor and analyze data in order to present stake holders with actional information.
Web Development Engineer II
1/14 - 2/15
jQuery, Pug, LESS, Knockout, Node
  • Worked with the marketing team to implement site features and user messaging.
  • Developed web-based and command-line tools to assist in troubleshooting and streamline the development process.
  • Integrated internal web frameworks into existing components.
Sr. Front-End Engineer
8/13 - 12/13
jQuery, Kendo UI, Knockout
  • Assessed new technologies to improve ShopperMX, InContext's marketing research application.
  • Implemented new features ShopperMX using jQuery, Knockout, and the Razor view engine.
  • Advised and mentored team members regarding front-end best practices and UX/UI concerns.
Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End
2/13 - 2/15
jQuery, Knockout, Pug, LESS, Bootstrap, Node
  • Architected and developed responsive, single-page administrative web application for UniB's process automation software.
  • Collaborated with engineers, clients, and product analysts to identify and implement new features for UniB's administrative application.
  • Assisted in defining RESTful API features and data schemas.
Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End
5/12 - 8/13
Electron, jQuery, Knockout, LESS, CoffeeScript
  • Architected and developed components for SteelSeries Engine, a cross-platform, webkit-based native control panel application for SteelSeries' gaming peripherals.
  • Implemented client-side localization for SteelSeries Engine.
  • Created multiple, dynamically-applicable skins for SteelSeries Engine, from both internal and third-party designs.
Lead Front-End Developer
2/11 - 4/12
jQuery, LESS, SASS, Sencha Touch
  • Developed mobile web-oriented version of ViewEmmi, Emmi Solutions' patient information application, leveraging HTML5 video components and Sencha Touch.
  • Architected and developed webservice-based marketing site to demonstrate Emmi products to potential clients.
  • Maintained Emmi Manager, Emmi's Java/JSP-based internal client management tool.
Chicago Tribune
Sr. Front-End Developer
3/10 - 2/11
Sr. Front-End Developer
12/09 - 3/10
Assoc. Online Engineer
9/08 - 12/09
Hubbard One
Sr. Web Production Designer
Assoc. Web Developer
9/07 - 9/08
9/06 - 9/07
Guaranteed Rate
Web Developer
8/05 - 9/06