Skills to pay the bills


CSS (SCSS, LESS, Stylus), HTML (Pug, JSX), JavaScript (ES5+, Flow, TypeScript), Node, SQL (MySQL)

Frameworks & Libraries

  • JavaScript Angular, Express, jQuery, React
  • CSS Bootstrap, Foundation, Material UI, Styled Components


  • General Git, Postman, VSCode, ZSH
  • Testing Jest, Karma, Mocha
  • Workflow Grunt, Gulp, NPM, Webpack, Yarn

Major Projects built bit by bit

Employer Year Project
Trōv 2018 Trōv US Launch
Guaranteed Rate 2017 Affinity
2016 Intuitive Loan Finder
Amazon 2014 Fire Phone: First Run Experience
Prime Music launch
Prime Instant Video launch, DE/UK
SteelSeries 2013 SteelSeries Engine 3
Emmi Solutions 2012 ViewEmmi

Experience been there, done that

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Software Engineer, Front-End
10/19 - Current
React, TypeScript, SCSS, Material UI, Angular
  • Specializing in progressive web apps and sites using functional React with Typescript
  • Developing greenfield projects and enhancing existing code using mobile-first methodology & techniques
  • Implementing new features on existing projects with an emphasis on accessibility
Sr. Full-Stack Engineer
1/19 - 9/19
React, Redux, Node, Flow, Express, Sequelize, Jest, Mocha
  • Implemented designs for employee management UI using React, Redux, and Styled Components
  • Developed green-field, RESTful API using Node and Express
  • Mentored junior developers and working with the team to develop best practices and coding standards
  • Contributed components to company-wide UI library, used across multiple projects
Sr. Full-Stack Engineer
9/18 - 12/18
React, Redux, Node, Flow, SCSS, Jest, Angular
  • Implemented new features in their flagship SaaS content publishing platform using React and Redux
  • Developed RESTful APIs with Node.js/Express to interact with other services in the publishing ecosystem
  • Mentored junior engineers in web development best practices
Web Engineer
9/17 - 8/18
React, Redux, Node, Flow, SCSS, Mocha, Angular
  • Worked with multiple teams to bring the Trōv web client to the US, implementing region-specific features
  • Implemented features in Trov's web client to keep parity with Android and iOS apps
  • Developed internal data-management tools
Software Engineer
1/16 - 9/17
ClojureScript, re-frame, jQuery, Bootstrap, SCSS, Aurelia, Stylus, Pug
  • Architected and developed the front-end of multiple consumer-facing online mortgage applications
  • Collaborated with team members to define and implement responsive designs/UX
  • Researched frameworks and technologies for green-field projects
  • Maintained legacy .Net web app and static marketing content
Software Engineer
2/15 - 1/16
jQuery, Bootstrap, Knockout, Pug, LESS, IO.js, Koa, PostgreSQL
  • Developed internal applications to improve facility and employee performance.
  • Developed applicaitons to monitor and analyze data in order to present stake holders with actional information.
Web Development Engineer II
1/14 - 2/15
jQuery, Pug, LESS, Knockout, Node
  • Worked with the marketing team to implement site features and user messaging.
  • Developed web-based and command-line tools to assist in troubleshooting and streamline the development process.
  • Integrated internal web frameworks into existing components.
Sr. Front-End Engineer
8/13 - 12/13
jQuery, Kendo UI, Knockout
  • Assessed new technologies to improve ShopperMX, InContext's marketing research application.
  • Implemented new features ShopperMX using jQuery, Knockout, and the Razor view engine.
  • Advised and mentored team members regarding front-end best practices and UX/UI concerns.
Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End
2/13 - 2/15
jQuery, Knockout, Pug, LESS, Bootstrap, Node
  • Architected and developed responsive, single-page administrative web application for UniB's process automation software.
  • Collaborated with engineers, clients, and product analysts to identify and implement new features for UniB's administrative application.
  • Assisted in defining RESTful API features and data schemas.
Sr. Software Engineer, Front-End
5/12 - 8/13
Electron, jQuery, Knockout, LESS, CoffeeScript
  • Architected and developed components for SteelSeries Engine, a cross-platform, webkit-based native control panel application for SteelSeries' gaming peripherals.
  • Implemented client-side localization for SteelSeries Engine.
  • Created multiple, dynamically-applicable skins for SteelSeries Engine, from both internal and third-party designs.
Lead Front-End Developer
2/11 - 4/12
jQuery, LESS, SASS, Sencha Touch
  • Developed mobile web-oriented version of ViewEmmi, Emmi Solutions' patient information application, leveraging HTML5 video components and Sencha Touch.
  • Architected and developed webservice-based marketing site to demonstrate Emmi products to potential clients.
  • Maintained Emmi Manager, Emmi's Java/JSP-based internal client management tool.
Chicago Tribune
Sr. Front-End Developer
3/10 - 2/11
Sr. Front-End Developer
12/09 - 3/10
Assoc. Online Engineer
9/08 - 12/09
Hubbard One
Sr. Web Production Designer
Assoc. Web Developer
9/07 - 9/08
9/06 - 9/07
Guaranteed Rate
Web Developer
8/05 - 9/06