Trōv Web App

The Trōv web app is a light-weight web application built to help consumers ensure their prized posessions. This project utilized an internally-developed UI framework that ensured consistent styling throughout sections and components, speeding up development time by taking the guesswork out of the finer points of the app's look-and-feel and assisted us in addressing a variety of interesting issues that arose when buidling out across multiple locales/markets (UK, Australia, and the United States).

Australia-specific address form
UK-specific address form
US-specific address form
Australia-specific user info form
UK-specific user information form
US-specific user information form

Guaranteed Rate

Loan Finder

Loan Finder is a public-facing tool that enables consumers to research mortgage options. This was developed in coordination with a designer, in accordance with corporate stylistic guidelines, which lent itself to collaboration on the look and feel of the application.

Multiple choice nav: horizontal buttons with icons
Multiple choice nav: vertically-stacked buttons
Linked inputs (all change when any field is updated)
Zipcode input
Zipcode input error state
Sidebar error state
Sidebar remedial action message
Sidebar valid input, with results


SteelSeries Engine 3

SteelSeries Engine 3 is a completely new desktop user interface designed to control gaming hardware, built from the ground-up in Electron, leveraging native web technologies (HTML, CSS, JS) for styling and interaction. I worked closely with a team of designers to develop a robust style guide and set of wire-frames to ensure that all applicaiton states and controls were taken into account and applied consistently.

Gear list
Apps list
Device (headset) configuration

SteelSeries Engine 2

SteelSeries Engine 2 was a cross-platform .Net desktop application that allowed the end-user to configure they SteelSeries gaming hardware, such as mice, keyboards, and headphones. It supported dynimcally-applicable, branded skins which offered me much latitude to try out my ideas on a variety of controls and inputs, while challenging me to stay within the established brand styles and specifications of the creative director.

Default skin
Diablo 3 skin
World of Warcraft skin

Emmi Solutions


EmmiMobility is a mobile-web oriented product that enables patients to view their prescribed Emmi programs on-the-go. The design process of the application was a highly-collaborative effort involving mutliple teams and contributors, including the Chief Creative Officer, to ensure that the application's design was flexible enough to work across a wide range of devices, affording for differences in the capabilities and resolutions of smart phones and tablets.



TryEmmi is a marketing application that provided Emmi's prospective partners with the ability to take Emmi's programs for a test drive. I was provided with a general style guide and a great deal of freedom in implementing the interfaces as I saw fit, while staying within branding parameters.

Home category accordion expanded


ViewEmmi is the updated version of Emmi's flagship desktop web experience that provides informational presentations regarding medical procedures to patients. The general look-and-feel had been previously established by EmmiMobility and TryEmmi, so I was able to leverage existing assets to accelerate development and exercise a great deal of flexibility in designing and building user-friendly forms and interfaces.

Program list